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SOCA envoys (Kevin Roerty and Ben Hoyer) dedicate their time to this mission that has concrete results and a Church-wide vision; they depend on monthly mission patrons like you to support them through intercessory and financial generosity!

SOCA is a tax-exempt 501c3 organization.

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SOCA is looking for members, chapters, missionaries, and mission patrons. Our missionaries also travel to give talks and presentations on the interior life, evangelization, and SOCA membership. If you'd like to learn more, start the conversation! [email protected]

 SOCA Founders with Archbishop Samuel Aquila of Denver


 Archbishop Aquila's Endorsement of SOCA

Paths to holiness are personal and call for a genuine 'training in holiness'... distinguished above all in the art of prayer ...It is therefore essential that education in prayer should become in some way a key-point of all pastoral planning. -Pope St. John Paul II, Novo Millenio Ineunte

"Perhaps now more than ever, there is an urgent need for evangelization, especially of the youth. Souls of the Christian Apostolate (SOCA) responds to the need of forming the next generation of Catholic lay apostles with intentional formation in daily interior prayer rooted in the Church's spiritual tradition with practical discipleship, accountability in prayer, and with solidly Catholic doctrine and piety. This all replenishes souls' thirst for an eternally compelling and mystically elevating faith which the modem world has cast away. SOCA is unique in its blend of zeal, authentically Catholic mysticism, and practicality, to form the next generation of Catholic lay apostles and Catholic leaders.

All are called to holiness, which is the source of fruitful apostolic activity; the fire of faith in the eyes of these young men and women will set the world ablaze and revitalize vocations—married and religious. I endorse SOCA's budding mission as crucial for the Church; for the youth, for families, for parishes, and for society. We are blessed by SOCA's presence in the Archdiocese of Denver and at Auraria, Colorado's largest university campus."

+Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila, Archbishop of Denver


SOCA forms Catholic leaders to evangelize the next generation!

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