Welcome to the adventure of following Christ.

Our founder, Kevin Roerty, was blessed to have spent time with a traditional religious order in France. When he discerned a particular yet unknown call elsewhere (later to be found in frontline missionary work), his old spiritual director gave his blessing… with one caveat: “Just as long as you become a saint–remember, you promised!” This statement has carried and will continue to carry SOCA through the unknown, and it is echoed to everyone who embarks on SOCA’s path of apostleship and missionary life.

SOCA missionaries are young adults whose souls have been ignited with the divine and apostolic love of Christ. Together, we fulfill the Great Commission, saving souls from damnation by handing-on the Catholic faith in a personal way, rooted in the traditions and mysticism of the Church. We are convinced that in-depth formation rooted in prayer is the way to establish nuclei of apostles who will restore the Church—one soul at a time.

Therefore, our mission is to save souls by forming young adults with disciplined prayer lives and tradition to become instruments of the Great Commission.

The heart of our youth outreach is 1-on-1 apostleship: formation in disciplined prayer lives. Our method is apostleship formation:

1. Relate: personal contact and friendship.

2. Elevate: formation with catechesis, prayer accountability, and immersion in tradition; study groups; public liturgies, socials, talks, etc.

3. Apostolate: make apostles

Both the job description and application may be found at the bottom of the page. Please read the notices below. They answer questions many may have and note the preliminary expectations for those applying. Do not hesitate to email us with further questions. socapostolate@gmail.com

May God be your generosity’s reward.

Expectations for SOCA Applicants

  • This ministry is for bold hearts abandoned to God; applicants should feel a true calling to this particular mission of evangelism through the interior life and tradition, and they should have a pioneering spirit to found this mission which has not been tried
  • SOCA cooperates with the diocese in various ways
  • This application is for both young men and women
  • This is just an initial inquiry which, if accepted, will lead to the first interview which acts as an introduction between the applicant and SOCA
  • Requires full personal support fundraising (SOCA will provide formation for this), typically the average salary of a youth minister
  • Currently, we are one lay missionary, three chaplains, and many other laymen informally involved
  • This application is for lay young adults–though we would love more chaplains and religious involved with SOCA
  • Missionaries must live/move to Denver
  • Commitment of two years (unless vocational discernment dictates otherwise)
  • Open to multiple responsibilities regarding the startup of SOCA’s foundation; everyone must not only be a missionary but also a manager in this beginning stage
  • Missionary life begins with 3-6 months of formation (both intellectual and living a daily rule of life)
  • We are parishioners at a FSSP parish and go to daily Mass (Extraordinary Form of the Mass)
  • This may be a good opportunity for someone discerning a vocation, since missionaries will be entrenched in a routine life of sacraments, prayer, and formation; needless to say, it is also a good opportunity for someone preparing to be the best husband/wife they can be
  • There is not a mandated dating fast
  • This is full-time for the first two years; after that it may be negotiated