St. Thomas’ Prayer for a Wisely Ordered Life

For Ordering a Life Wisely, from St. Thomas recited this daily before the image of Christ:   O merciful God, grant that I may desire ardently, search prudently, recognize truly, and bring to perfect completion whatever is pleasing to You for the praise and glory of Your name. Put my life in order, O… Continue reading St. Thomas’ Prayer for a Wisely Ordered Life

For Mission Partners: How to Donate

Brief intro and instructions as of October 1, 2018   Introduction This video is an introduction to SOCA’s mission: A One-Page PDF Description of SOCA: SOCA Flyer Introduction We prefer personal connections with mission partners (benefactors). Please contact Kevin! How to donate By November we should have an online platform setup for easy sign-up for… Continue reading For Mission Partners: How to Donate

Soldiers of Christ: Grace of Confirmation

From the Baltimore Catechism:  670. What is Confirmation? Confirmation is a Sacrament through which we receive the Holy Ghost to make us strong and perfect Christians and soldiers of Jesus Christ. 671. When was Confirmation instituted? The exact time at which Confirmation was instituted is not known. But as this Sacrament was administered by the Apostles and… Continue reading Soldiers of Christ: Grace of Confirmation