SOCA’s Denver Apostolate

His Excellency Archbishop Aquila has recently held a nationwide event (5000+ attendees) emphasizing discipleship and begun a diocese-wide initiative for evangelization. SOCA has taken the initiation to cooperate with this emphasis on each individual's call to holiness and formation in order to fulfill the Great Commission through relational ministry! SOCA has a website ( that describes the… Continue reading SOCA’s Denver Apostolate

For Mission Partners

Short Answers Target audience: ages 18-25, primarily college students but also young adults; baptized Catholics desiring a devout life Secondary and tertiary audiences: non-Catholics desiring a devout life, Catholics living lukewarm lives Location: South Denver, particularly the Aurioria campus (42,000 students) Who involved: 3 priests from the diocese, other laymen, home parish at Our Lady… Continue reading For Mission Partners