SOCA missionaries dedicate their time to this apostolate ; they depend on mission patrons like you to support them with prayer and financial support! Our mission partners partake in this mission, as “some give by going and others go by giving”! By joining our support team, you help merit the foundation laid for the salvation of souls.

Endorsement by FSSP Chaplain of SOCA, Fr. Daniel Nolan

SOCA is a 501c3 so donations are tax-deductible. The tiers are listed below, with the bulk of support coming from Tier 3: Mission partners; our standard ask is $100/month–some are called to more, others less. It is common for donations to be recurring (press “recurring” on Paypal or setup bill pay) but single gifts are certainly welcome as well!

Tier 1: $1-24/month OR $25-299 single gift

Tier 2: $25-74/month OR $300-749 single gift

Tier 3 “Mission Partners”: $75-124/month OR $750-$1499 single gift

Tier 4 “Mission Patron”: $125-200/month OR $1500-2499

Tier 5 “Mission Collaborator”: $201-349/month OR $2500-4500 single gift

Tier 6 “Apostle Maker”: $350+/month OR $5000+ single gift

OR make checks out to “SOCA”:
2460 S Lowell Blvd
Denver, CO 80219

“In my opinion, every crisis within the Church today is really just one or another variation of the same fundamental theme: bad prayer, or a lack of it altogether. Catholics have been set adrift in the current cultural deluge, and therefore have trouble accessing the limitless grace of God by navigating the art and habit of praying fruitfully. Kevin’s mission: driving the foundations of the spiritual life into the bedrock of the traditional Roman spirituality which has stood the tests of time and nurtured the least and greatest saints, is therefore a most vital one. I am personally honored to support him in his great work, and I am certain that anyone else who does so will merit much grace both for themselves and the Church, and doubtless will bring much pleasure to Almighty God.”

Father Mason Fraley
Parochial Vicar at Immaculate Heart of Mary, Northglenn, CO