For Mission Partners: How to Donate

Brief intro and instructions as of October 1, 2018



This video is an introduction to SOCA’s mission:

A One-Page PDF Description of SOCA: SOCA Flyer Introduction

We prefer personal connections with mission partners (benefactors). Please contact Kevin!

How to donate

By November we should have an online platform setup for easy sign-up for automatic monthly donations (you will be sent this as soon as it is ready).

*However, there is urgency for startup funds. For this first month, please consider donating either 1) by a check written out to “Souls of the Christian Apostolate” or “SOCA” (either works), or 2) a one-time donation through paypal here (no paypal account is required):*

Budget Summary

The minimum goal is $3000/month pledged. We have a little more than $2000/month to go. $2000-2500 will go to living expenses (in Denver, CO), and $500-1000 to business-related expenses.

We generally ask for $50-100 commitments–some give more and others less. You truly do participate in this mission and merit in its fruits; please pray and ask God if this is a mission that will glorify Him and win souls, and if He is inviting you to partake. Contact us with questions about the specifics of the budget (or the entire business plan) and we will gladly share them. Note: $3000/mo is $250/mo less than what the minimum is for other Catholic missionaries; we will have to run another campaign later, but this is just the minimum to start.



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