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Target audience: ages 18-25, primarily college students but also young adults; baptized Catholics desiring a devout life

Secondary and tertiary audiences: non-Catholics desiring a devout life, Catholics living lukewarm lives

Location: South Denver, particularly the Aurioria campus (42,000 students)

Who involved: 3 priests from the diocese, other laymen, home parish at Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Littleton, CO)

When: Starting Fall of 2018 (September/October)

How form: develop friendship and trust, organically feel out how ready an individual is for deeper truths of the faith and theology, provide this accordingly alongside a more and more intense accountability for prayer and a general rule of life; once a daily habit of mental prayer is formed, sacraments are regularly habituated (ex: Mass often throughout the week, bi-monthly or weekly confession), the individual is being sufficiently catechized (following the instructions alongside the Baltimore Catechism), THEN encouraged and “equipped” to evangelize intentionally with an emphasis on the interior formation of others

On what basis: the book, “The Soul of the Apostolate” by Dom Chautard

How find audience: Some are already in long-distance relationship with SOCA

What money is used for: living expenses of individual missionary, basic works of the apostolate (ex: getting a meal), events (ex: retreats), travel, upkeep of the corporation (ex: website)

Target funding: goal of $3250/month (like other missionaries)

Proof points: number of people doing accountability for prayer; qualitative testimonials of individuals

Qualification of SOCA: based in tradition and doctrines of the Catholic Church, with priests

What I do on daily basis: meet with men, introduce myself to new men, provide resources (and make new ones with audios/texts), have oratory events, street evangelization, and of course follow the rule of life agreed upon with my director (daily Mass, rosaries, mental prayer, spiritual reading, study of the faith, etc.) along with practical self-instruction (books associated with the apostolate, funding, etc.)

What liturgy: this is apostolic work so liturgy is not its domainĀ per se, and thus there is no answer to this; incidentally, SOCA members are encouraged to attend the Traditional Latin Mass for many reasons, but most closely associated with SOCA’s work, for its interior depth and spiritual richness


Target audience:

Secondary and tertiary audiences:


Who involved:



What money is used for:

Target funding:

Proof points:

Qualification of SOCA:

What I do on daily basis:

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