SOCA’s Mission: Like a few other organizations, it is a lay missionary initiative with flexibility to meet people in their everyday, modern lives; what distinguishes SOCA is emphasis on the depth of interior formation. There are three features of this depth: 1) an authentically Catholic outlook, 2) spiritual depth, and 3) one-on-one relationship. We are not aware of any other lay missionary organization that fulfills these three with the depth we are convinced is necessary to form saints–mystics and dynamic apostles–in our world today. We are convinced that apostolic/evangelization endeavors must be grounded in a deep spiritual life and wholistic formation in the faith (particularly through Catechisis and theology of the life of grace). In reality, this is authentic, simple Catholicism: the flourishing of the sacrament of Baptism.

SOCA’s name is inspired by the spiritual classic, Soul of the Apostolate  by Dom Jean-Baptiste Chautard. in 1912. The thesis of the book is that any fruitful apostolate must be rooted in a profound interior life with Christ (thus requiring mental prayer). Pope St. Pius X said, “I warmly recommend this book to you, as I value it very highly and have myself made it my bedside book.” The apostle must be himself rooted in this interior life (by prayer and the sacraments), but his most effective method of evangelizing will be by forming a nucleus of a few individuals with deep and zealous spiritual lives themselves. From there the faith will spread like wildfire; we have already seen this with many experiences.