SOCA's Denver Apostolate

His Excellency Archbishop Aquila has recently held a nationwide event (5000+ attendees) emphasizing discipleship and begun a diocese-wide initiative for evangelization. SOCA has taken the initiation to cooperate with this emphasis on each individual’s call to holiness and formation in order to fulfill the Great Commission through relational ministry!

SOCA has a website ( that describes the method, inspiration, and other aspects of SOCA.

Two young priests are strong supporters of SOCA and have advocated the diocese for this apostolate: Father Mason Fraley and Father Nick Larkin. We have spoken in-depth about the method and need for an emphasis on the interior life within evangelization–and the particular benefit of such emphasis in Denver, an area where many young Catholics are zealous and eager to discover the gravity and depths of the interior life so infrequently spoken of in our culture. Both know of many in the area who would be good disciples of SOCA.

The target for SOCA is young adults in general, preferably aged 18-25. The encounter with this age group will happen 1) at the college campus, 2) through young adult community, and 3) connections at parishes themselves. 1) The Auraria campus , located in Downtown Denver, hosts 42,000 students from three campuses: Community College of Denver, Metropolitan State University of Denver, and University of Colorado Denver. There is currently no campus ministry (other than daily Mass and confession), and there has not been for years. The Church on campus is a satellite of the Cathedral, where a priest  am a friend of I with is stationed. SOCA will reach students by barehanding and/or street evangelization (setting up a table and taking questions, handing out medals, etc.), meetings (ex: philosophy), sacramental participation, and invites to sacraments/events (some of which will be hosted by SOCA affiliates). There is potential to start chapter of young adults (Juventutem) that could be an outlet for some of the many young and zealous adults in the Denver Metro region to evangelize. 2) There are many young adult goings-on in Denver, formally and informally. SOCA will have the opportunity to develop relationships through many avenues such as socials, speaking events, sports, sacramental participation, and more throughout the area. There is also a center for Saint Paul’s Street evangelization in Denver, and a potentially upcoming effort to do something similar with the Cathedral. 3) These could be at the campus, at the Cathedral, at Our Lady of Mount Carmel (a traditional parish in Littleton), referrals/connections from laymen and priests, and more.

There are already a number of young men (I work only with men) I have befriended and am helping form in the diocese of Denver. Even before starting the apostolate, God blessed the beginnings with a providential encounter: going to the parish “Our Lady of Mount Carmel”, a young man sat next to me who asked to speak after Mass. It turns out he was baptized but never practiced, is looking to straighten his life out, and it was only his second Mass ever but desired to learn much more!

In addition to one-on-one ministry, SOCA also plans gatherings (small or large) for what are currently called “Oratory evenings”. This consists of a talk, social, meditation time, and chanted Compline.

SOCA missionaries will fund raise on their own (like other missionaries such as those with FOCUS do).

Accomodations: Kevin is living at a house near the campus and his home parish that offers the Traditional Latin Mass.

There is hope for a traditional Mass consistently every Sunday right by the campus, which SOCA would support as such reverence is only fitting for a deep interior life.

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